An individual Sound Bath is a gift to yourself. This experience is carefully designed with the intention to your needs. You just come as you are and let go of all need to perform.
When you arrive, we'll take a moment to connect. You are welcome to share with me your actual feelings or requests. You then just lay down, close your eyes and let the gongs take care of the rest.
A gong bath is like a massage multiplied. It releases blocks in body and mind. You may find more focus and vital life force. You will sleep much better and the whole body feels like reset.

£60 for one person / 1 hour

£45 per person for 2 / 1 hour

£35 per person for 3 people and more / 1 hour

If you would like a gathering with friends or family, I am happy to customise a special event for you. 

*All sessions are subject of prepayment. Cancellation for private session within 24 hours can be rescheduled or will be non-refundable.

Bettina Ji 

Bettina Eichenberger

Ramsgate, Kent (UK)

UK: +44 7932 574941

CH: +41 79 287 95 77


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