The Gong is a musical instrument, a healing tool to strengthening the nervous system. The sound of the gong creates deep relaxation, releases stress and tension and clears out old patterns and blocks from your body enabling healing. It increases your vital life force, improves circulation strengthening your immunity and releasing the chatting mind. When you let yourself go through the waves of the sound, the neurons in the brain reassemble themselves and the glandular system gains a higher level of functioning. You will sleep much better and your body functions feel like reset.
I do play the 32" Terra Mobilis Gong and/or the 24" Uranus Gong


£45 for one person / 1 hour

£30 per person for 2 / 1 hour

£25 per person for 3 people and more / 1 hour

Home or event visits are possible upon request. Additional time and travel expenses will apply. 

*All sessions are subject of prepayment. Cancellation for private session within 24 hours can be rescheduled or will be non-refundable.

Bettina Ji 

Bettina Eichenberger

Ramsgate, Kent (UK)

UK: +44 7932 574941

CH: +41 79 287 95 77


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