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I'm a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level I and Level II by Imagine Academy and European Yoga Alliance completing the 500-hour study with Hargobind Singh who studied for 34 years with Yogi Bhajan.

And I'm specialised and certified in Mastering the Addictive Personality by Carolyn Cowan, London.

I'm a certified Sound Meditation Naad Yoga practitioner completing the 200-hour training with Leo Cosendai in London.

I am certified in Level 1 & 2 in Gong and Sound Healing by Satjit Singh, Gong Master UK and Gong Yoga awarded by Mehtab Benson, USA.

Hi, I am Bettina Ji 
Certified KUNDALINI Yoga Teacher and SOUND Therapist.

My History in Yoga

Over 30 years ago while living in New York City I started my regular practice of yoga. I’ve been able to free myself from constant pain in my back and shoulders. My life became more balanced in so many ways.


The first 10 years I dedicated myself to Iyengar Yoga. I then was trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa such as Hatha and Yin & Yang Yoga.

Discovering Kundalini Yoga changed my life. The structured series of Kriyas, a combination of postures, breathing and sound, meditations and chanting mantras increased my joy and released my anxiety.

I truly believe it is essential to connect to ourselves. Finding inner peace, harmony and be in love who we are. We are responsible for the energy we are carrying within ourselves, we are medicine, we are love.


Practicing Kundalini Yoga opens us up the pathway to our True Self, allowing and recognising that there is so much more depth to a meaningful human experience.

Since 2015 I’m teaching this powerful and transforming yoga technology, first in Zurich Switzerland, where I come from and since 2016 in Ramsgate, Kent, UK. I put value on a mixture of ease and discipline. My classes and private sessions feel fresh and it is important to me that each person feels love and joy with themselves awakening that light within.


As a Sound Therapist and with the sacred sound frequencies produced by the Gongs I’m able to helping people to releasing energetic blocks, stresses stored in our cells and rebalance the nervous system. The gongs can produce a blissful state of meditation restoring body and mind.

We do have a choice. I love to share the wisdom and bring people into their power and radiance!

Blessed BE!