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Sat Nam Dear Ones

Yoga has become my style of life since I found this union of the body, mind and soul over three decades ago while I was living in New York City. It helped me throughout to be happy, healthy, more conscious and compassionate. The first 10 years I practiced Iyengar Yoga, was trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa such as Hatha and Yin & Yang Yoga.

Once I discovered Kundalini Yoga something deeper revealed and took me on a much profound journey - to my self. During two years I dedicated myself to learn this technology with fantastic teachers from Imagine Academy. While still in a corporate industry, I heard the clear call to serve and elevate others through this joyful yoga practice. This was a life changing moment from the most trusted place, my heart.

In 2015 I taught in Zurich Switzerland, where I come from and in 2016 I headed to Ramsgate, UK, where I now call home & I love it. My sessions with B-Ji Kundalini Yoga (B stands for Bettina, Ji means soul or where my heart is) are a mixture of ease and discipline and I love to guide others on their journey both in my classes and in customised private sessions. 


The Gong holds a sacred place in the study of Kundalini Yoga. The harmonics of sound restore emotional harmony within us. Since 2016 I've been studying the numerous benefits of this ‘instrument of healing’. Whether it’s healing the mind, restoring the glandular and nervous system, or cleansing the body’s electromagnetic field, there's no end to its power and the Gong Sound Relaxation.

I'm a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level I and Level II by Imagine Academy and European Yoga Alliance completing the 500-hour study with Hargobind Singh who studied for 34 years with Yogi BhajanI'm also certified in Mastering the Addictive Personality by Carolyn Cowan, London.

I'm a certified Sound Meditation Naad Yoga practitioner completing the 200-hour training with Leo Cosendai in London.

I am certified in Level 1 & 2 in Gong and Sound Healing by Satjit Singh, Gong Master UK and Gong Yoga awarded by Mehtab Benson, USA.

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