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Thank you ALL - Wahe Guru!

Thank you, thank you, thank you said with love and much gratitude.

Your sessions are so cleverly put together to support us. Many thanks to your expertise and knowledge.

Thank you so much for the zoom class. It was hard work at times but I felt all sorts of amazing things during and after. Stronger, lighter, more positive, an expulsion of emotion that was tough but freeing.

I can't stop skipping around after that Kriya! It's put me in such a good mood though probably just getting to one of your classes that's done it.

I’m feeling the affect of movement and grounding with kundalini yoga with additional benefits of finding my self energy.

My heartfelt gratitude for such a wonderful 1:1 session that you intuitively personalised for me. It really helped to release my current shoulder tension. You have helped me so much over the last couple of years and I feel blessed to have such a wise and compassionate teacher.

I just want to say how grateful I am to take part in your classes. It has made such a difference to my body and me as a whole in the way that I feel. Being together with you and the other ladies has really helped during this strange time. The energy from the class I think helps all of us. 

I get so much benefit from your classes; my body and mind are getting so much stronger - again thank you. You must have so much knowledge to be able to work out the classes in the way you do. I don't think I have been to any others as good as yours.

Your yoga is one of the highlights of my week. I absolutely love your classes! 

Thank you for all the wonderful Kundalini sessions, it has made a real difference for my time in Ramsgate and has helped to make this place feel like 'home'.

Many thanks for another hugely positive and therapeutic session this morning. Thank you also for your kindness and your intuitive but unobtrusive compassion - it is very much appreciated.

It had been a challenging day for me but coming to your yoga really helped very much. It reminded me of my strength and the work we did on opening the heart was particularly meaningful and useful. So I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation.

Excellent Yoga class.... Wonderful Teacher..Tried Yoga many times and incorporated many techniques in my Martial arts practice but could not find a class I enjoyed as a whole...... Except this one!

Bettina, your classes are always so up-lifting. I love the way you teach. I love the magic of Kundalini Yoga but it really is because of you. Thank you so much, I feel blessed you are my teacher. Kundalini has changed my life.

Just to say your classes are fantastic! Truly wonderful. I always feel like I’ve been transported somewhere amazing during the sessions and the feeling lasts for ages afterwards. I just walked back with my mat neighbour and she was saying she’s done many different kinds of yoga over the years and your classes are definitely the best! 


Workouts, mantras, meditation in a harmonious flow - that is Bettina's Kundalini Yoga. After a session I feel soft but not vulnerable, centered and connected to my environment, calm and conciliatory. Bettina's yoga sessions support me on my way to soften my shoulder-, neck- and back-tensions. In Bettina's sessions the icing on the cake is her gentle, appreciative manner and last but not least her humor. (C. Zurich)


Bettina's lessons are full of warmth and deepness. I love her guidance in the asanas and how she integrates meditation, dance moves and joyful singing. What a pity for us that she left Zürich. What a luck for the yogis in the UK ;-) (M. Zurich)


Thanks to Bettina I finally made it into my first Yoga lesson ever! We were neighbours, and when I officially retired from work she convinced me to join her class. I hate sports, so I went and immediately liked it and went on with weekly lessons. She is a natural and was very helpful with novices like me. She has my heartiest recommendations! (P. Zurich)

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