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40 Days practice to Developing Your Human Kindness
A 40 day journey breaks any negative habits that block you from expansion. You will feel your own healing happening and find yourself lifting up into peace and happiness. The only thing you have to do is to show up every day for 40 consecutive days.
Introduction video:
Also known as Bndhu Dya Kriya
Bandhu means "sister or brother or friend"
Dya means "kindness"
Kriya means "action"
This most ancient meditation is total energy. The magnetic field and aura will be re-arranged and projected.
Do it calmly and with a lot of love and devotion.
It expands you in time and space and everything in your life may start to look little to you.
It gives us the capacity to rise above time and space.
Meditation for Developing Your Human Kindness
Full practice video with a short warm-up 12 minutes and Meditation 11 minutes
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