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40-Day Mantra Meditation
Sparking Conscious Creation
Saturday 6th January - Wednesday 14th February 2024

A daily practice for 40 days is a core piece of many yogic traditions, called Sadhana. It is through consistent practice that you develop discipline, as well as a deeper experience. In Kundalini Yoga, it is common to choose a single practice to do for 40, 90, 120, or even 1,000 days.

Some of the effects to practice 40 days:

  • Developing a daily practice routine with a mantra calms our mind and brings the stress down. 

  • Every time we show up, our understanding about ourselves, our life and experiences become deeper. We become more connected with our true self.

  • You will create the opportunity to implement any change you want in your habits, your relationships, and the way you see yourself.

  • It brings a structure to our lives. We may feel out of balance,  overwhelmed by the day to day tasks and projects. 40 Day practice can break that to extract time for ourselves - for our peace of mind.

During this 40 day Kundalini Activation we will create Alchemy by working with the biorhythm of the mind & body connection through a 22 minute meditation with a mantra.


22 minutes is the time we need to clear anxiety producing thoughts in the subconscious. Your three minds (negative, positive, and neutral) start to work together so your mental integration changes.


A daily Kundalini practice and 22 minute conscious creation meditation igniting the fire spark of creation within.

We'll meet every 10 days on Zoom and practice together. All life sessions will be recorded. You will receive the recording right after the class for your daily personal practice.

Saturday January 6th 9:30am start of the practice

Monday January 15th 6:00pm meet in class

Thursday January 25th 6:30pm we'll meet with our group

Sunday February 4th 5:00pm we'll meditate together

Wednesday February 14th 6:30pm will be our finale

Energy Exchange £88


RSVP Closes 60mins before start.

This is a 40 Day experience to level up your creative potential. You will leave with a new mind/body connection, a heightened lens of perception and sustainable creative fire to create your dreams.

"The rational mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”

~Carl Jung

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