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Ramsgate UK

Sat Nam and welcome!
Kundalini Yoga is a wonderful technique, increasing your vitality, strengthening the immune, nervous and glandular systems, and activating greater stamina and flexibility. It maximises your own healing powers, stimulates creativity and increases mental energy and focus, enabling us to experience greater joy. 
It is not about the shapes you make on the mat but about working deeper to reconnect with our own energy. 
Sound can affect our body and shift brain hemisphere dominance through brainwave pattern synchronisation. Immersing yourself in a gong bath is a transformational experience that gives you the kind of balance, clarity and perspective on life that you’ve been searching for.

"The beauty of Kundalini Yoga is that in one Kriya you can immediately achieve a complete physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. It works so effectively and quickly because of its completeness, balance and energy. Since any method that helps you achieve Universal Conciousness - from prayer to dance - must eventually raise your Kundalini to accomplish it, why not start with Kundalini Yoga directly?"​ -Yogi Bhajan

Bettina Ji 

Bettina Eichenberger

Ramsgate, Kent (UK)

UK: +44 7932 574941

CH: +41 79 287 95 77


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